Justice Marshall has ordered that the original Federation of Newfoundland Indians (FNI) and the FNI members of those bands be reconstituted to the Bylaws effective 2009.  This means that the 9 FNI Bands led by their respective Chief and Council will now TAKE BACK CONTROL and essentially has the ability to HOLD A REFERENDUM VOTE on whether to abolish the SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT.

It is incumbent upon all FNI Band Members, and those represented by the FNI (according to the 2009 Bylaws, this includes “The Mi’kmaq OF Newfoundland to WRITE THE FNI CHIEFS BELOW and request that they hold an Annual General Assembly (AGA) as soon as possible and to request they hold a  vote where your voice can be heard on this issue which affects all of us.  The people now have an opportunity to fix was was done illegally and bring our people together.

We ENCOURAGE you to write the following Chief’s of the FNI bands and request and encourage them to hold an ANNUAL GENNERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING (AGA) as soon as possible.  If you wish, we have constructed a FORM LETTER BELOW you can “copy” and sign to send to your Chief.  Please retain copies of your communications and replies.

Indian Head First Nation
Chief Byron Alexander


Port Au Port M’ikmaw Band
Chief Shana O’Quinn


St.George’s Indian Band
Chief Rhonda Sheppard


Gander Bay Indian Band
Chief Calvin Francis




Flat Bay Indian Band
Chief Joanne Miles


Benoit’s Cove Indian Band
Chief Terri Greene


Grand Falls Indian Band

Chief Nellie Power (Corrected – apologies for the error).


Glenwood Indian Band

Chief Marie Vaters


Corner Brook Indian Band


FORM LETTER (Copy and sign by typing your full name at the end of the letter below)

Dear Chief (type last name of the Chief of the band that represents your area of Newfoundland),

As per the recent Newfoundland Supreme Court ruling of Benoit v. Federation of Newfoundland Indians Inc., 2023 NLSC 90, Justice Marshall ordered that the FNI under the 2009 Bylaws be reconstituted as the 9 FNI Bands and its members.  An Annual General Assembly (AGA) of the 9 bands must occur as soon as possible to reconstitute authority of the FNI into the hands of the 9 FNI Bands and its members.

As such, once an AGA is held and the FNI is reconstituted, it is within your authority to call for a VOTE/REFERENDUM to be held with an option to ABOLISH THE SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT that has created so much oppression, misery, hardship, and in-fighting between our people.  Our people now have an opportunity to UNIFY and fight as one to FIX the Qalipu and alter our course in a positive way.

We ask that you move to hold an AGA as soon as possible to take back our band and do what is right for ALL OF OUR PEOPLE who qualified.  We fully support you and back you should you have to challenge the Government of Canada on our behalf.  We have proven that over 6 years when the people unite, we can do anything – the people back you!

Please do the right thing and call an AGA immediately.

Thank you,

(Type Your Name Here)




Friends of Qalipu Advocacy Association is pleased to announce that our trial has been rendered complete and Justice Marshall has issued a ruling that was favorable.  A summary of the judgement is provided below and can be read in it’s entirety by clicking on the hyperlink:

Citation: Benoit v. Federation of Newfoundland Indians Inc., 2023 NLSC 90


The Plaintiffs claim oppression against the Defendants and seek a remedy pursuant to section 371 of the Corporations Act, RSNL 1990, c. C-36.

 HELDThe Plaintiffs are entitled to a remedy in oppression against the First Defendant, but not the Second Defendant.  The Plaintiffs are not entitled to the remedy of rescission of the Supplemental Agreement.

What next?

This ruling needs to be unpacked and digested by all parties involved, and we will post information to our UPDATES TAB on the top of this webpage as we receive it.  Mr. Keith Morgan’s assessment in the communication of June 23, 2023 can be found under the updates tab as well which will further explain how things may unfold.

It should be noted that the administrative and legal processes are slow moving, so maintaining patience will be important as this process plays out.

This massive undertaking was a true grassroots initiative of the people that has taken 1000’s of hours and many years.  It would not have been possible without the volunteered labour, financial donations, and moral support of many people both named and unnamed.

This judgement in its most simplistic form “Proves Oppression of the Members”.

We now wait patiently regarding next steps…

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