Does your action benefit Band members who have lost their status or applicants who have been denied with no right to appeal?

In short, our action potentially benefits anyone who has been negatively affected by the SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT.

We are seeking to strike down the Supplemental Agreement.

If this agreement has resulted in your removal and/or denial of acceptance to the Qalipu band, than our action should benefit you.

How much do I need to donate?

There is no set amount of money. We would ask that you donate whatever you can within your means.

On average people are donating $100 to $150. We have some donors sending $500 to $1000. Some sending $20. Some pooling their donations as families. Some sending periodically as we move forward. We value any support you can offer.

To put things in perspective, 1 hour of time with the lawyer costs about $325.

How soon do you need the money?

We are accepting ongoing donations to fund each step in the process of our claim and are currently awaiting timelines from the parties and the Court to proceed to full trial.  Once that is established we will provide revised estimates to completion.

We are concerned about transparency and accountability. How will you address that?

We will:

1) Post regular funding updates.
2) Provide summaries of funds received and disbursed.
3) Provide 3rd party financial statements for October 31st year-end.

Expenses we will incur:

  1. Incorporation costs.
  2. Annual accounting expenses.
  3. Annual liability insurance.
  4. Ongoing legal expenses
  5. 0.89% of donations to DonorBox donation system.
  6. 2.9% + 0.30 cents for each credit card transaction to Stripe Merchant Provider.
  7. Monthly Web Host costs $20 est./month.
  8. TD Canada Trust Account costs $4.50 per month (incl. 30 transactions), $1.25 for additional transactions
  9. Misc costs (post office box, insurance, mailing, courier, advertisements etc).
  10. Web development one time fee – $1,000 est.


What happens to the donations already received if you do not receive enough to proceed?

Donations received will be refunded on a prorated basis after expenses if we are not successful in raising the money required to litigate.

It is our goal to keep all expenses under 5% of the total money raised.

We have ZERO salaries or capital costs (building rentals). We are giving our own personal time to this cause. Since 2017 we estimate we have invested a combined 10,000+ hours to this issue, likely more.

Who will the litigants be?

We have six litigants, they are listed in our Statement of Claim [refer to the UPDATES tab].  They have been chosen by our lawyer based on certain criteria that he feels will best represent everyone. They currently reside in a variety of provinces, including Newfoundland.