May 11, 2020

CBC Morning Interview with Friends of Qalipu Advocacy Association interview with Helen Darrigan regarding the unanimous decision that handed down by the Newfoundland Court of Appeals in May 2020 regarding said documents which was ruled on in “our favor”.

July 4, 2019

FNI President Brendan Mitchell (who is also the Chief of the Qalipu First Nation) refuses to do interview with the CBC Morning Show.  Instead, President Mitchell issues a written statement rebutting why he is rescinding on his word by appealing the Benoit et al. Court Case. President Mitchell with the assistance of the FNI legal council (fully funded by the Government of Canada) has attempted to put a political spin on this clear-cut issue suggesting this is “not” about our people.  Listen to President Mitchells’ statement which attempts to spin words as the FNI continues to inflict suffering and pain on the very people the organization was meant to protect.

We encourage you to contact your local News Media, and Member of Parliament.  Ensure people outside of social media know what is happening in our country and in this band. 

Also, if you are as disappointed as we are that President Mitchell broke his word and decided to launch a legal challenge against the people he is mandated to protect – we encourage you to tell him.  He can be reached at 709-634-5070 (or)  

July 3, 2019

Friends of Qalipu Helen Darrigan speaks with Leigh Anne Power, the host of the Central Morning Show based out of Gander regarding the FNI decision to appeal the recent Benoit Win – in light of the fact FNI President Brendan Mitchell repeatedly saying he would not appeal.

Please take some time to listen to the interview below.  If you so wish to peacefully express how you feel about President Mitchell breaking his word, he can be reached at 709-634-5070 (or) 

The battle over the Qalipu enrolment process reaches the courtroom:

Source: CBC